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HR Resource Center

  • Are you struggling to find out what the state laws are in a new state that you are adding employees in?
  • Are you trying to learn more about the new state law that went into effect recently
  • Are you looking for sample performance reviews so that you can get your annual reviews done?
  • Are you wondering what the going wage is for the new job you are recruiting?



How do you protect your company from the time, expense and distress associated with employee-related issues and lawsuits?

Red Zone HR offers a comprehensive online HR resource center for businesses like you. Our content is developed and maintained by legal and HR experts and provided in an easy-to-navigate, timesaving format that helps you be more proactive and knowledgeable.

Our site features thousands of pages of content, forms and posters—it’s like having a mini-HR department at your fingertips. It is what every business needs.

Our online HR Resource Center includes:

  • Hundreds of downloadable forms, policies and checklists.
  • Federal and State-by-State employment laws such as COBRA, ERISA, FMLA, HIPAA clearly explained.
  • Federal and State guidelines and how-to information to help you stay compliant with employee benefits.
  • Downloadable and Customizable sample Employee Handbook.
  • Human Resource information including how to do performance reviews, interview, hire and terminate.
  • HR Tools such as the Job Description Builder and Salary Benchmarking tool.
  • Downloadable federal and state posters.


What You Need Red Zone HR Online Delivers
Federal HR and Benefits Compliance Including easy-to-understand information and guidelines for major federal employment laws such as COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, USERRA, and mandated benefits.
State HR and Benefits Information State-by-state information including continuation of benefits, minimum wage and so much more
Fast Answers to HR and Benefits Questions Our FAQ sections deliver the answers you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.
Downloadable Forms, Policies and Checklists Hundreds of forms, sample policies, checklists and a sample employee handbook are available for downloading and customization
How to Hire and Terminate Employees to Help Prevent CostlyLawsuits. HR360 features a great range of information necessary during the hiring and termination process. This section is a must-read for every hiring manager in your company.
Online HR Tools Online Job Description builder and Salary Benchmarking tool