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August 14th, 2017 / by Mike Cooney

Did Someone Say Audit?

With all the daily nagging pressures of running a small business, trying to find the time to asses how the HR side of things is running can be daunting. If things seem to be running smoothly, why go looking for problems? The word audit strikes fear into the hearts... more

March 14th, 2017 / by Mike Cooney

What Does the Handbook Say

HR experts agree that small and medium sized businesses should create handbooks as protection from lawsuits, but handbooks can also serve to welcome and inform new employees in a positive way. The success of a handbook is determined by what policies are included and how they are worded. A good handbook is a living document that reflects the true culture of the business.

The Basic Do’s. Things to Include in Every Handbook

• With each edition, mention that this document trumps any other policy documents and is subject to change. • Include wording that states at no time does this document create or intend to create an employment contract. In Oregon, this is where to mention the ‘at will’ employment. • How the company addresses any harassment or complaints of harassment. Having a clear policy can protect against misunderstandings in the future, good protection should an employer find themselves in a legal situation. •... more

November 14th, 2016 / by Mike Cooney

Performance Evaluations going the way of the Dodo Bird?

A recent survey shows that six percent of Fortune 500 companies have revamped their traditional annual performance reviews and rankings, and many more are expected to follow.  Accenture, Deloitte, SAP and Kelly Services are the latest to join Juniper, Microsoft, Adobe, and Gap in making their traditional review and ranking processes extinct.

These companies have indicated that they have found that their performance review program was ineffective, onerous, costly (in the millions), and not positively received by employees or managers.  Not the ROI they were expecting.

This change also reflects more closely the cycle of our culture and business.  The world doesn’t run on an annual cycle anymore.  With the innovations of smart phones and apps like Facebook and Instagram, people have grown accustomed to real time feedback.  Employees are responding to more informal and frequent check ins, rather than a once a year conversation about past performance, that include examples... more

March 8th, 2016 / by Mike Cooney

A Case of the Millennials

The recently penned open letter by an employee to her CEO at Yelp and the rebuttal has brought focus back to the newest generation in the work place. Millennials. Millennials make up 50% of the workforce today, increasing to 75% in the next 10-15 years. Dubbed Generation ADD, The Selfie Generation, even the Unemployables, make no mistake, whatever you want to call them; they bring new and unique challenges to the employer landscape. No, that’s not a headache you’re feeling but rather you have a case of the Millennials. Like every generation prior, the Millennials are the creation of the generation before them. We gave ourselves this case of the Millennials.

Incredibly tech savvy, the Millennials are accustomed to information being available immediately. They want to know how they are doing as they are doing it. They are well educated with high expectations of themselves; they want to be proud... more

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