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October 13th, 2017 / by Mike Cooney

Effective Immediately – Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017

Effective immediately Employers are no longer allowed to ask candidates, or their former employers, about prior salary history. While the full protections of the Oregon Equal Pay Act don’t go into effect in January of 2019, parts of the multi-layered law are effective October 6th, 2017. Similar to the law... more

August 14th, 2017 / by Mike Cooney

Did Someone Say Audit?

With all the daily nagging pressures of running a small business, trying to find the time to asses how the HR side of things is running can be daunting. If things seem to be running smoothly, why go looking for problems? The word audit strikes fear into the hearts of almost everyone, but correcting minor HR issues now with an HR Audit or HR Assessment can protect a company against costly legal claims in the future, and can also achieve smaller immediate gains, like better employee retention and more accurate vendor payments. So have no fear, take a look at the most commonly made mistakes listed below and see if your company can benefit from some improved practices.

Recruiting and Onboarding – Consistency is key. Are all candidates put through the same clear screening process? Things such as drug testing, background checks, reference checks, and pre-employment testing should be administered... more

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